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Our Sponsors

 BOLD sponsors tap into top Latino talent at the University of Chicago while helping drive innovation and inclusion in today’s workforce.

As part of our programming, sponsors can select into one of three tiers of sponsorship: bronze, silver, or gold.

BRONZE ($500) sponsors receive access to the BOLD  list host and earn brand awareness through advertisements on our newsletter, social media platforms, and website.

SILVER ($1000) sponsors receive access to the BOLD resume book and annual organizational report, in addition to all bronze tier benefits.

GOLD ($1500) sponsors receive access to  exclusive coffee chats and private recruiting sessions with selected BOLD members, in addition to all silver tier benefits.

Funds from our corporate sponsors are used to advance BOLD’s mission to develop, motivate, and celebrate Latino students pursuing careers in business at UChicago. A specific breakdown of our use of funds can be requested through our website’s ‘Contact Us’ section.

On behalf of UChicago BOLD, we thank all interested corporate sponsors for their time and efforts in catalyzing the next generation of young Latino professionals to do bold things in business.




Firm logo featured on website

Firm opportunities marketed through list host and social media platforms

Access to BOLD resume book

Access to annual BOLD organizational report

Exclusive networking events, including private recruiting sessions and coffee chats

Bronze Level Sponsors

Contact Us
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