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Our Tracks

BOLD offers two tracks for its members. Both provide valuable knowledge and connections for success in their respective fields.

Consulting Track

As part of BOLD’s mission to develop, motivate, and celebrate Latino students interested in pursuing a career in business, the Consulting Track offers not only an introduction to the industry and its different specializations, but also prepares students to recruit for and enter the field through robust programming and tangible, personalized guidance throughout their time in BOLD.


Members of the Consulting Track will engage in technical and qualitative workshops offering an overview of consulting firms, their expectations, and their recruiting timeline to better train them for summer internships, full-time positions, and other opportunities. Through our Consulting Track, BOLD seeks to increase the number of Latino students entering the consulting field as our organization is committed to celebrating the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in all industries.

With the intention of incentivizing Latinos to join and succeed in the business community, the Finance Track is in charge of giving all of its members the technical and interviewing skills necessary to recruit into the field of finance. As a result, we have created a robust program that meets each quarter of the academic year beginning in Spring Quarter.


The first lesson dives into technical skills, including financial accounting, valuations, and valuation models (including DCF’s and M&A models). In the following quarter, having the technical knowledge required, we pivot towards the more qualitative component of recruiting into finance which includes behavioral questions and brain teasers.


Throughout the Track, we are also facilitating networking and application opportunities, while keeping close ties with Career Advancement such that we can equip Latinos with the connections and knowledge necessary to succeed in the recruiting process. Members who have completed the Track will have the opportunity to join as VP’s and give back to the club by mentoring future Track members.

Finance Track

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